Welcome to St. George's!

Please look around our website.  We hope you will visit us in person at one of our four Sunday services, and also at one or more of our many weekday events.  There is something rich and live-giving for you and your family in nearly everything we do here.

Whether it's the fun and lively Children's Family Service at 10:15 or the quiet Traditional Service at 7:45, or the Contemporary Service at 9:00 or the Traditional Sung Service at 11:15, you will be welcomed and cared for by friendly, loving, and respectful people who are here for you.  One of the ways we can tell that we are doing something right is that once people visit, they want to stay.  Another sign that we are experiencing God's love in this place is that many of our people freely move about among the services with little degree of "ownership."  For a church of our size (upwards of 300 people on a Sunday) we maintain a unique level of warmth and intimacy.  We want to share that with you, as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

Fr. Chris Huff, Chief Pastor